“Il va pleuvoir, don apporte ton parapluie..”

I will always remember the first bit of advice I got in the summer before I moved to Washington, D.C. A friend of mine told me, “make sure you have some good shoes and you always carry an umbrella.” I laughed. She told me, “It’s always going to rain in D.C., Kristina.” Soon enough, the summer faded and I moved into my first apartment in the District. After spending the day moving furniture, I set out to Politics & Prose for a quick coffee. Once I had that cappuccino in hand, I set out towards my new home. I felt that first drop, then the second and all of a sudden it was down pouring on me. I couldn’t help but laugh. In that moment, I whispered to myself, “il va pleuvoir, don apporte ton parapluie,” French for “it is going to rain, so bring your umbrella.” From then on, I never left my house without an umbrella. Life has certainly been one hell of a storm since that day. But, I’ve always had some protection from that storm. All of us could use some shelter from this rainy city, and I hope to give that to you all. – Kristina