About Kristina Biyad

oh, hey there! 

In a hurry to get out of my hometown, I moved to Bristol, Rhode Island to study Political Science and Economics at Roger Williams University. During my time in college, I discovered my love for writing, teaching and learning. Regardless of the endless love I had for Bristol, I was ready to put the small town lifestyle behind me. In 2016, I moved to Washington, D.C. I am currently an M.A. Candidate at American University School of International Service.

I consider myself a lifetime learner and explorer. My expertise lies in Foreign Policy and the Middle East North Africa region. Specifically, my work is focused in the Maghreb. As a writer, I look to challenge the perceptions we hold as human beings. It is my goal to make my readers think outside of their personal and cultural norms, and experience something they may have never imagined. It is my intention to keep you wondering, make you ask questions, and force you to challenge your own beliefs. 

I love new ideas, people and projects. I want to hear what my readers have to say and am certainly always open to your constructive criticism. Of course, two minds are usually better than one, so let’s work together my fellow freelancers. Contact me here or check out my UpWork page if you need a contributor. Whether you are a fellow policy wonk, future collaborator or just an interested reader, welcome to my page.

Learn and Explore.